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Help Your Unborn Baby’s Brain Development

with Dr. Sarah Risen
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When you get the big news that you’re expecting, there’s a flood of emotions and a lot of preparations to make. That includes taking steps to make sure your baby will be born healthy. When you’re pregnant, your diet and lifestyle play a key role in your baby’s development, including your baby’s brain.

“The first critical time for brain development is actually before your child is even born, which is why seeing your doctor regularly during pregnancy is so important. Good nutrition will help support your child's brain growth even before he or she is born.”

Dr. Sarah Risen, pediatric neurologist

In this short video, Dr. Risen explains how good nutrition and positive behaviors can help your baby’s brain grow and prevent potential behavioral and learning issues.

The First Critical Stage of Child Development Explained

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Dr. Sarah Risen

Sarah Risen, MD

Dr. Risen is a faculty member in both the Department of Pediatric Neurology and the Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. She believes in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation and management of neurodevelopmental disabilities.

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