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Dr. Marie Lahai

Dr. Marie Lahai

Dr. Marie Lahai is is a wife, mother, physical therapist, content creator, and an inspiration to many women. As a first-generation Sierra Leonean-American, Dr. Lahai strives to change the narrative for young Black girls and redefine (or “Rie Define” as she likes to say) life as she knew it during her childhood years. She has accomplished this by raising two confident daughters and sharing with them the importance of Black love and joy. Global audiences enjoy her daily posts that cover topics including self-love, discrimination, African culture, and tips to help with everyday mom challenges. She can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube as @rie_defined.

Articles by Marie Lahai

How Daily Affirmations Develop Positive Self-Esteem

How Daily Affirmations Develop Positive Self-Esteem

Dr. Lahai Shares Tips on Raising Confident Children

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