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Allison Jandu

Allison Jandu


Allison Jandu is a professional consultant who assists families with one of childhood's most important, yet daunting, milestones: potty training. Allison has helped hundreds of children of all ages. Her custom potty-training plans are based on building independence and empowerment, and she thrives on seeing children succeed.

She has made it her personal mission to revolutionize the way we as a society think about potty training. Allison is also a mother, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Baltimore. She has written internationally accredited continuing education training for childcare professionals and three highly praised potty training guides: The Poop Puzzle, The Wee Hours, and Potty Training for Busy Parents.

Articles by Allison Jandu

Expert Tips for Potty Training Success

Expert Tips for Potty Training Success

Every child is different. Know when your child is ready for potty training.

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