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Helping Children Deal with Their Emotions

Connie Leon
Watch Time: 1:25 minutes

Connie Leon shares some of her challenges as a single mom. One of the biggest — dealing with her kids’ emotions. She reminds parents that young children have “no clue” how to handle their emotions without the help of their parents. Her encouraging video gives tips on how to help kids deal with anger and ways to ensure they feel loved and secure.

"I want my children to feel loved and to know that tomorrow is a new day for both of us, for all of us – and that we can do better."

Connie Leon, mom of two

How to manage parenting stress: Connie Leon

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Connie Leon

Connie Leon

Connie Leon is a mom of two and writer of the self-created blog, "Momma of Dos." Connie has been featured online on parenting and lifestyle sites, where she shares her experiences as a working mom plus tips and ideas for improving personal, work, and family life.

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