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Peace of Mind with Safe Sleep

with Taryn Newton
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Life with a new baby can bring a mix of emotions - fear of your baby's safety while they sleep shouldn't be one of them. You and your child both need plenty of sleep in the early days! That's why it so important to use safe sleep practices with your little one. Hear from a mom of four, Taryn Newton, on how she navigated safe sleep and practiced rooming-sharing with her youngest. 

Four Easy Steps to Practice Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep Best Practices


Alone and in a crib

Babies should sleep alone in a crib with no bumper pads, bedding, pillows, or toys.


On their back

Babies should sleep on their back, not their side or their tummy.


In the room with you

They should be in the same room with you for 6–12 months, but not in the same bed.  Share your room, not your bed.


Nearby for convenience

Having baby nearby helps with breastfeeding convenience, building an emotional bond, and peace of mind for parents.

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Taryn Newton

Taryn Newton

Taryn Newton is a full-time blogger, content creator, and mom of four boys.

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